Le Goût du changement


Discover, network and taste the change!

A Taste for Change is a fair dedicated to entrepreneurs and local project leaders, which aims to highlight the richness and quality of our food ecosystem. The 5th edition will take place in Montreal on September 24, 2022, at the Livart (3980, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal).

The event provides a showcase for entrepreneurs and food innovators from Montreal and its surroundings, who are working to make our food more local, healthy, sustainable and ethical. Visitors can taste varied samples representative of these companies and initiatives of the local food ecosystem. They also benefit from privileged access to the people behind these products because the event facilitates direct and informal exchanges between visitors and exhibitors.

A Look into our History

Talking with your mouth full

Series of events encouraging citizens to connect with the food they eat.

1st edition

In the form of pitching evenings and networking between agrifood entrepreneurs.

2nd edition

First edition in the form of a agrifood fair

3rd edition

Second edition in the form of a agrifood fair

4th edition

Third edition in the form of an agrifood fair. The Taste for Change is gaining momentum!

We are back!!!

After two years of absence due to COVID, we are finally back with a 5th edition!