Le Goût du changement

Cidre sauvageon

Cidre sauvageon is a company that aims to produce natural ciders from an experimental orchard at the Blue Ribbon farm. The latter has 150 old varieties of apples, but also small fruits from Quebec (currants, blackcurrants and gooseberries, among others). It is also to promote the variety of wild apples present in Quebec by bringing them to life through a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Jean-François Hébert, founder of the orchard and companion of Caroline Tardif (owner of the Ruban Bleu cheese dairy) has created a rich biodiversity. His passion led him to collect rare and old varieties of apples. This orchard thus acts as an apple heritage.

The cider house is one of the few to be located in an urban setting in an industrial district in Ahuntsic (Montreal).