Le Goût du changement

L'Atelier Champignons Big Bloc

L’Atelier Champignons Big Bloc is a family business founded by Virginie Boivin-Jodoin and Gabriel Vallée in 2017. It is by love for cooking and physical work that we were pushed towards agriculture and being both Montrealers, we could not imagine moving away from our beloved city to start our family and our business projects. We produce elm oyster mushrooms, blue, yellow, pink oyster mushrooms, king oysters, pioppinos and lion’s mane. We produce 200 kilos per week and we plan to double our production by the summer of 2022. For the more advanced, we offer specialized mushroom cooking classes on our premises as well as workshops on growing mushrooms at home or in the the garden.

1401 Legendre ouest #305, 305
Montréal, QC, H4N2R9

(514) 887-8474